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Mengfan He

Profile image of Mengfan He
Image of Mengfan He

My work:

We come across nice scents everyday. One of the most popular scents is the natural musk found in animals such as the male musk deer and civet cats. These animals are in danger from hunters. I work in finding out how to make new scents in the lab. My work helps protect these animals while we can still keep enjoying these lovely scents.

About me:

Country of Origin: China

My first formal contact with science was when I used an optical microscope in elementary school. I was deeply attracted by the microcosm and fell in love with science ever since. I am always curious about new things. After studying physics, chemistry, and biology, I chose chemistry because chemistry is a subject that can create new substances. Now I am a PhD student in chemistry, and I am very happy I can do what I love. I believe that everyone is equal before science and nature, and everyone has the opportunity to contact and learn them.


  • I finished my Undergraduate studies in China and my Masters in Edinburgh. Now I am a PhD student studying at the University of St Andrews.

My favourite subject in school:


My hobbies:

Painting and swimming

How would I describe myself in three words?

Creative, free, kind

My dream job as a child:


My favourite scientist:

Wolfgang Ernst Pauli

My favourite animal:


Colouring Page:

Black and white illustration of Mengfan He
Illustration of Mengfan He. Mengfan He mixes liquid chemicals in flasks inside a fume cupboard to find new things which could be used in perfume instead of musk taken from animals.

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Mengfan He Colouring Page
Download PDF • 2.59MB

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