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School Notebook

Teaching Resources

The teaching resources were created to help teachers communicate the science involved in the work of each chemist. The document contains the following supporting information to go with each colouring page that relates to each chemist:

  • Summary of the chemist's work

  • A closer look at the basics and science of the chemist's work

  • Resources:

    • Further resources for teachers - include links to articles and relevant videos ​

    • Links to classroom activities and relevant videos

    • Links to worksheets

What's in these colouring pages?

The blog contains ten brilliantly illustrated colouring pages featuring ten amazing scientists from the University of St Andrews. Each illustration depicts the science, research, life, interests and likeness of the scientists. 

What are the benefits of using these colouring pages?

Although there is lot of science information out there, it is difficult to come by simple activities that help show young minds that science is for all. These colouring pages not only provide the opportunity for children to colour in the pages but also learn the science and relate to the lives, interests and backgrounds with people working in science. 

Other benefits include:

  • Develops their fine motor skills

  • Improves concentration

  • Promotes creativity

  • Boosts confidence

  • Improves patience

  • Provides relaxation

How to use these colouring pages?

  • The colouring pages are black and white that can be downloaded and printed either at school or at home.

  • These colouring pages can be used in classrooms along with providing introduction about scientists and the science using information provided on the respective profile page of the scientist and the teaching resources. The teaching resources also include some relevant classroom activities and work sheets. The colouring pages can be used for class discussion either on its own as an end of day task or as part of science lessons. These colouring pages can also be used at home in a similar way.

  • You can display the coloured pages up on a notice board, or let students take them home.

  • You can also email the finished coloured pages to with student's first name, age and school. The pages will then be displayed in the Science4All Gallery page.

  • You can also encourage students to take inspiration from these colouring pages and draw themselves as scientists. These can also be sent via email to display in the Science4All Gallery page.

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