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Dr Siobhan Smith

Dr Siobhan Smith in her graduation gown.
Image of Dr Siobhan Smith

My work:

My job is to look after big instruments (devices used to measure something) used by chemists to work out what they have made in the lab. They are a combination of a giant magnet and a radio and I teach people how to use them, help them to look at the spectra (a picture a bit like a graph) that are produced and fix things when they go wrong.

About me:

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

I grew up in Fife in a small village and went to school in Anstruther. I loved science throughout High School and did my MChem and PhD in Organic Chemistry at St Andrews University. After a short break from Chemistry (during which I made hundreds or thousands of coffees at Pret), I started working at GSK (a pharmaceutical and biotechnology company) in Montrose after which I returned to the University as an NMR (a scientific instrument) Technician, supporting those doing research in the department. In my spare time, I love doing crafts and going for walks with my little boy and husband.


  • At school I loved science and did all three (physics, chemistry and biology) until 5th year. I then did a Masters in Chemistry followed by a PhD in organic chemistry. These aren't essential to do my job but I feel like it means I can help the students in many different ways.

My favourite subject in school:


My hobbies:

Crochet and reading. I also like to play building blocks with my little boy!

How would I describe myself in three words?

Independent, patient, approachable

My dream job as a child:


My favourite scientist:

Alexander Fleming

My favourite animal:

Rabbit - I have two house rabbits!

Colouring Page:

Black and white illustration of Dr Siobhan Smith
Illustration of Dr Siobhan Smith. Dr Siobhan Smith looks after big machines called Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) instruments so that the people in the university can use them in their research.

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Dr Siobhan Smith Colouring Page
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