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Dr Filippo Formoso

Image of Dr Filippo Formoso
Image of Dr Filippo Formoso

My work:

In my PhD research I studied what gases do when they find themselves trapped inside a magma. Magma is a liquid, and it can contain gas, just like soda! Only quite a lot hotter...

About me:

Country of Origin: Italy

I first studied as a geologist in Italy, then decided I liked chemistry more and moved to

Scotland to work in this field! It has not been an easy change, but it goes to show that few things are irreversible in life! I have always had an interest in the microscopic structure of objects and always wanted to understand what it has in common with what we see with our own eyes.

As a geologist I used to work by walking a lot up and down the mountains, now I spend most of my time in a laboratory, but still enjoy working outdoors whenever possible!

Outside of work, I like playing video games, reading plenty of books, doing various sports, learning new things, cooking and eating the result, watching movies, going on road trips, and occasionally even find the time to sleep!

Scotland has been amazingly welcoming to me and allowed me to research the science I love, and I am doing my best to give everything back by communicating its results to everyone, not just to other scientists!


  • BSc in Geology - University of Milan, Italy

  • MSc in Mineral Resources and Advanced Materials - University of Milan, Italy

  • PhD in the School of Chemistry and the School of Earth and Environmental Science - University of St Andrews, UK

My favourite subject in school:


My hobbies:

Running, playing video games, cooking, reading, watching movies, motorcycles, sports cars

How would I describe myself in three words?

Quirky, outgoing, motivated

My dream job as a child:

To be a teacher

My favourite scientist:

Galileo Galilei

My favourite animal:

Stick insect

Colouring Page:

Black and white illustration of Dr Filippo Formoso
Illustration of Dr Filippo Formoso. Dr Filippo Formoso uses a huge machine (in the background) to make small pieces of magma (which is a very hot liquid rock that we find under the Earth's surface) so that we can understand it better. In the lab, Dr Formoso cools the magma to a glassy form to study them.

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Dr Filippo Formoso Colouring Page
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